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My pets are my family – I don’t have children so I am blessed to have four-legged babies to spoil and pamper 365 days of the year. But Christmas with the animals is a whole ‘nother special treat! The wonder in their eyes as they spy a tree growing right in the house or the intoxicating dazzle of twinkle lights – special moments indeed.

Not to say it isn’t without it’s challenges – retrieving ornaments from hiding places all over the house, trying to rescue the tree skirt from a certain death by kitten, placing all the breakables above wagging tail height, and avoiding certain dangerous items (tinsel, poinsettias, etc).

Now with my new job, I am around animals all day – and I am reminded once more how special the relationship between a human and their pet(s) can be. The best moments have been the new owners who have given a new animal their Christmas home; the worst moments have been the loving families having to make the tough decision to euthanize during the holidays.

It’s so tempting, I know, to add a new pet to your household at the holidays. For some of us, it’s a way to battle the loneliness; for others, it’s the thrill of watching a child discover his first puppy under the tree. I myself have been scouring PetFinder to see if there are any new animals that desperately need a Christmas home. Dogs and cats alike have drawn my attention – but practicality persists and I will have to forego the addition of a new family member until life is a little more settled.

So give your dogs and cats an extra pat and hug from me and be sure to cherish those furry friends – they are wonderful companions during this festive season!


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“A mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.”  ~Honore de Balzac~ 
Today is Mother’s Day and I am wishing all of my friends who are moms a most wonderful day. Today is a day to celebrate you for the warmth, light, and patience the mothers of the world provide for us!  
Some of us are not blessed with children and the wonderful moments that a normal parent has – the births, the first steps, the first words, sending them off to school, their graduations, their weddings, etc. But I am convinced that there are a special breed of us that God put on this earth to be parents to the four-leggeds. I have a wonderful family of furry children that make me laugh, keeps me company, and loves me unconditionally.


Being a parent to human children is a very difficult job. I have watched my parent friends struggle with a variety of challenges given by their kids – difficult pregnancies, potty training, picky eating, teenage angst, and a million other dramas. But what rewards you must get sharing the life of your child! I know how much my four-legged children bless me every day – I can only imagine that kids are an even greater joy!

So to all of the amazing people I know that are moms (and dads) – I wish you a wonderful day with your children. I hope you know how much you are appreciated and loved for the hard job you do. And I hope you are showered every day with the hugs and kisses of truly grateful children!

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